Setting this blog on pause.

I have been thinking about this for a while, and I think I am going to set this blog on pause untill it gets fun to run it again. :-)

Continue to have a nice summer!

I’m going away for a week.


Since it is summer, my family and I are going away for a week, and therefore I will not be tumbling untill next sunday (or so).

Hope everyone have a very nice and summery week!

Love, Three Lines.

Same applies here, have a nice week everyone! :-*

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Change the URL to WEheartsomestuff?

I am just thinking here… Maye I should change the url from iheartsomestuff to weheartsomestuff, and taking suggestions? It would be a little easier (since I have a rather limited imagination) for me to make pictures.

But if I am going to do that, I need a little feedback. Is there even someone who really pays attention to this blog? Sometimes I think I should just delete this tumblr.

Any thoughts at all? :-)

(Messages in my ask-box about things I could do better, anon or not, is always welcome)